Why Haul Supply?

Warranty Information


Haul Supply goes above and beyond factory warranties on trailers purchased at our dealership.

Our commitment to you started when we chose your manufacturer. We will honor the factory stated warranty, providing the proper inspections, maintenance measures recommended service, and wear items furnished by Beaver Lake Distribution Inc. Towing methods must be according to manufacturers recommendations and must be within legal limits.


Since our inception in 2001, we have watched several manufacturers or retailers leave town, slight customers, stiff retailers, leave suppliers unpaid, and even be convicted for illegal activity. Our mission has always been to know what to look for when choosing products for our loyal, hardworking customers. We vet and select our manufacturers before the customers even visit us. As a result, our standards are high even BEFORE we offer a product.


Premium Manufacturer Benefits: Because of our track record and our long relationship with several proven high-quality manufacturers, we strive to get your equipment in the shop without the usual run-around and hassle. We’re concerned about your warranty implementation. If there is a legitimate issue with a component of your trailer, we will take care of it, so you’re not waiting on someone several states away you do not know. We have learned that manufacturers would much rather return or answer phone calls and e-mails from us. Without us, manufacturers may require transport of your trailer to the factory of origination. Again, we get you taken care of if there is a legitimate problem and worry about settling with the factory.

  • We guarantee a thorough pre-delivery assembly and inspection before putting your equipment on the lot.
  • Beaver Lake Distribution INC. guarantees all electrical components: lights, brakes, pumps, motors, chargers, batteries, winches, or any other electrical component ordered with the trailer will be in working order when the customer takes possession. (If there is a failure on our part or the manufacturer’s that cannot be addressed immediately, we will set up a time to get the parts necessary to solve the issue). *
  • Beaver Lake Distribution INC. guarantees all mechanical parts: door handles, cables, lug nuts, couplers, or any other moving parts will be in working order at the time of purchase. (If there is a failure on our part or the manufacturer’s that cannot be addressed immediately, we will set up a time to get the parts necessary to solve the issue). *

* Wear items including bearings, brakes, tires, and shackles are not covered or considered when you as a customer do not come by for your free inspections or buy parts or do the maintenance yourself or from any other organization. Beaver Lake Distribution will not pay any bills from any other vendor in or out of town without the manufacturer’s written approval or Beaver Lake Distribution INC.

*Beaver Lake Distributions INC. does not work on vehicles, nor will we make any alterations on any vehicle other than what is called for by the hitch or accessory company.

* Beaver Lake Distributions INC. is responsible in no way for the working condition of the tow vehicle unless a brake controller, receiver, plug, or any other component was added to the tow vehicle and is under warranty. Modifying your vehicle’s electrical or installing new components void our product’s warranty.

Out-of-town breakdowns: We do our best to educate and prepare you for safe and worry-free towing. Please pay close attention to suggested preventative maintenance and proper equipment to minimize the possibility of breakdown. If you do have an urgency, please call us first. Beaver Lake Trailers offers contact information so we can walk you through a roadside predicament.