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    Welcome to Haul Supply, a dba of Beaver Lake Distribution, Inc. We are located in the Northwest Arkansas area and are a family-owned and operated business with decades of experience. Our singular goal is to serve customers with the best possible customer service. We value honesty, integrity, and good business.

    We have the following types of trailers: single axle utility trailers, tandem utility trailers, single axle and tandem cargo trailers, hydraulic dump trailers, equipment trailers, tandem dual equipment trailers, car haulers, gooseneck trailers, landscaping, and ATV trailers, construction trailers, and customized cargo trailers. We also sell Zero Turn Mowers since 2019.

    We carry Covered Wagon, Rock Solid, PJ Trailers, Load Trail, H & H, Aluma, and many other brands manufactured all over the United States, including Georgia, Iowa, Texas, Indiana. In addition, our Zero-turn manufacturers include premium mowers such as Bad Boy mowers made right in Arkansas!

    Until 2003, we started in the wholesale industry as an account manager for big box and consequently opened up to public retail. As a result, we differentiate our selection with a superior understanding of the manufacturing process.


    Haul Supply

    (877) 733-5150

    14960 E. Hwy 62

    Garfield, AR 72732

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